I’ll admit, “a world not yet in existence” is a mouthful.

But it has a special meaning to me.  I came across the phrase in the biography of Steve Jobs.  Someone was describing Mr. Jobs, and entrepreneurs generally, as humans who are able to close their eyes and imagine a world not yet in existence.  We are all have this capability, but what sets the entrepreneur apart from the rest is that he puts everything into making reality out of the world that exists in his mind.  Most things in our lives today did not existence at some point, and we have these people to thank, or curse, for it.

While this wasn’t my first foray into the blogosphere, it has been my most sustained effort to date.  My first two attempts were music blogs, named, and god bless my younger self, “Moctezuma’s Revenge” and “The Ape’s Nape.”  But the attempts weren’t authentic.  It wasn’t me, so it didn’t last.  Mark Twain says write what you know, and while I love music, it’s not something I know.  And so, I opened shop with a new blog and began writing from the heart.

I was a young man, going through some sort of an existential crisis.  I felt the pressure of a short life on my shoulders, and felt scattered and rushed to find passion in my life; to find a way to make my life meaningful.  So basically, I began journalling.  The random thoughts and daydreams of B. M. Wells.  I guess at this point I can tell you that B. M. Wells is a penname.  Screams author, doesn’t it?  The penname helps me speak candidly, and quite frankly, I love the way it sounds.

As the blog matured I identified consistent themes in my writings and began to organize the site around them:  entrepreneurship, philosophy, and legal thoughts [coming soon: BroHaus].  But they all center around my attempt to understand and make my mark on the world around me.  And while these are essentially mere musings, I try to make the content I post useful to others.  This is a goal I hope to keep going forward.  All that said, at the end of the day, it’s the writing I love.  I’ve since had another blog child- one is specifically devoted to writing.

Thanks for stopping by.



5 thoughts on “about this blog

  1. Hi Ben,

    I have not heard from you for a long time. You must be serving or working as a full-time lawyer to some big corporate, considering that you seem to blog so infrequently nowadays. Do show us a sign . . . .

    In any case, happy December to you!

    May you have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous Festive Season!

      1. It’s good to know that you are resurrecting yourself with a vengeance!

        Do pop over and sharpen your renewed persona with incisive comments on some of SoundEagle’s most unusual posts that you have missed.

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