Ma’o Organic Farms is a producer of organic and social goods from West Oahu. Recognizing the power of the community, Ma’o helps youth develop beyond the low expectations placed upon them by a failed system using the principles of their ancestors.  In a community relegated to the fringe and severed from the flow of wealth, Ma’o has put a community on its shoulder. Where others have simply fled to greener pastures, Ma’o works to bring greener pastures to their community.

Ma’o stays true to Hawaiian values; harmony between man and land:

Our goal is to re-establish our community through ‘aina-based activities, nurturing and growing our youth and their families within an environment of communal ownership and pride. In ancient times, the maka‘ainana (common people) regulated their lives in accordance with nature and what nature provided in the uka (uplands), kula (plains), and the kai (ocean). Over time, it is our hope that the ‘opio will once again identify themselves to the ‘aina that nourishes them, re-building a strong sense of stability, security, and belonging to the ‘ohana nui (larger community).

It is a way of life that we can all learn from, and a model for a better life that transcends cultural bounds.  There was a time when the people the Hawaiian Islands lived sustainable, community based lives.  It was a way of being that recognized the importance of our relationship to each other and this earth.

Ma’o embodies this spirit through its farming techniques, but more importantly, through its mission to better the world our children will inherit.

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3 thoughts on “doing right by the land, doing right by the people

  1. Organic farms have become popular nowadays for the reason that we want to consume foods which are not soaked with hazardous chemicals and toxins.

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