Power to the Community.

When humans first collectivized to form communities, it was to improve the quality of life.  More hands, more minds, less work, less struggle.  Some hunted, some gathered, all ate.  Some made tools, some built houses, all had shelter.  The community reaped what the community sowed.  The return was direct and justly proportional.

But today, the return on effort, energy and time isn’t generally realized in this manner.  Take, for example, the large real estate development firm, or auto manufacturer.  The individual builds, toils and sweats, yet a corporation profits.  And that profit permeates to a few near the top, rarely reaching down to the many.  If you’re thinking this setup is leading to some sort of marxist rant, you’re very wrong.

The solution isn’t marxism.  It’s localism.

The large entities in the above example are not evil.  They have been necessary to development.  They have developed technology efficiently, delivered them to the masses and once created jobs and wealth for many.  But we have reached the point of diminishing return.   As recent events have confirmed, this is an unsustainable model, that is likely just beginning its downward dive.  Jobs are waning and wealth is retreating back to the few.  The individual, whose well being is of no concern to giant corporations and the big guys at the stock exchange,  is a faceless consumer.  As a partner in the wealth seeking endeavor, this individual is lost.  The community, however, has not forgotten him (or her).  The problem is, he has forgotten the community.

The community can restore the balance, the community is sustainable, the community is local, and local is the solution. 

It’s time for the community to thank the massive entities for all their hard work, and take back it’s rightful role. For too long, men and women have had to live on other’s terms.  The wealthy king, noble, board member and executive.  So little of our finite time is left to us, weekends for the nine-to-five majority.  And where does your hard earned money – the justification for sacrificing years of your life – go?  Again, to the pockets of a few.  But the local community can empower the individual to live his life as he sees fit.  It can empower him to to live deliberately, according to the meaning by which he defines his life, not the definition of another.

This is a call to the dreamers, to all those those who can imagine a world yet in existence.  

Be an entrepreneur and your own boss.  Help others do the same and buy local.  Reconnect with your innate desire to make, create and produce.  Leverage technology to simplify and improve life.  Use it to find more time.

By changing certain habits we can change the demand, forcing the supply to respond.  Force the large entities to adjust their models to us.  Make social good an in-demand and lucrative market, causing businesses to find their social conscious.  The community doesn’t need a government to take care of its own.  Refuse to be the perpetual consumer and waste less.  Force businesses to create a car or fridge that lasts for sixty years, so you can spend your money and time on what matters most.  

Live by your understanding of your earthly existence.  Live in harmony with the community and let’s all reap what we sow.

I can imagine a world not yet in existence, where life is far better… can’t you?


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