simpler people, smarter consumers, better lives

Choose simplicity.  It’s calming.  It’s hip.  It’s resourceful.

While the bohemian lifestyle may not appeal to all, the principle of simplicity can help us all waste less and be smarter consumers.  Once we can do this, we alter the demand.  From there, the supply will adjust to meet the demand.  It’s about forcing the economic movers and shakers to advance beyond satisfying the mere materialistic urges of man.  Moreover, technology can help us live simpler lives.  Think of everything you can store on a computer, or do on an iPad.  The trick is to not allow ourselves to be sucked in to the vicious cycle of newer, next-best-things that always seem to come out right after you bought the last one.

But most importantly, simplicity helps us live more deliberate lives.  

By cutting out the clutter, all the crap that is unimportant, we free up our time and energy for the things we truly value and enjoy.  Make a list of your favorite people, activities and things.  Now, how often do you get the enjoy those things?  Will you be satisfied with this amount when you meet your maker?  This is all I want from this life. To share my time with those I love, doing the things I love, and helping others do the same.  See, it’s quite simple, isn’t it?

Trust me, simplicity is awesome.  Check it out and decide for yourself:

Please, make the connection between living simpler, more deliberate lives, and building a world not yet in existence.


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