If you’ve ever been through SFO’s terminal 2, you’ll know what I’m talking about.   At some point, we humans need to sit down, and evaluate the things in our lives.  We need to ask the simple question: how can this be better?  Virgin Airlines and SFO understand this.  Just because something has been done a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean it’s the best way.  Air travel is a prime example.

Well for one, let’s make check-in a breeze.  And how about greeting you with fresh flowers? Now lets print smarter tickets with all your relevant travel information…even your baggage claim number.  That’s right.  You wont need that silly strip of paper with a sticker to claim your bags, should the need arise of course.  While you breeze through security, your boiling outage over having to remove your shoes and belt will be tempered by soothing melodies floating from the ceiling.

And once through, feel free to pull out your laptop and handle your interwebbing business.  Best of all, you won’t be nickel-and-dimed in the process.  Sure, you could pay a couple bucks to access the wireless if you really wanted to.  But wouldn’t you rather just watch a one-minute video advertisement instead?  Because you can.  And then the internet is free.  As it should be.  So go ahead a spend that money you just saved on a bloody mary, kick back and relax.  I sure did.

When you get onto the plane, the soft ambient lighting greets you.  The magazine pocket on the seat in front of you actually holds more than three magazines.  You can actually fit your new hardcover book in there.  And there’s a special pocket for your water bottle too!


The bottom line is this.  We can build a better world.  All need to do is ask the right questions.  Why is this the way it is?  Can it be better?  Why isn’t it already better?  How can it make more sense.  How can it cost less? Be easier? Run smoother?  Get yourself a flight on virgin airlines and you’ll get a glimpse of the potential these questions hold.

Need more convincing?  Grab any Apple product.  Doesn’t it just make sense?  Isn’t it just better?

Can’t the rest of life be the same??  Entrepreneurs, I’ll take your answers off the air.


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