Bloggers of the blogosphere, pay heed!  There is a better way for us all to make a living doing what we love.  There are millions upon millions of human beings sitting behind computers blessed with the Internet, looking for gold.  But to find it, they need sifters.  Alltop is one such sifter.

Well google’s got that covered, right?


Wrong.  Unlike your average  google, operating on mere code logic, alltop runs on people power.  Instead of algorithms sifting Internet content, alltop relies on human beings, or at least the next best thing, bloggers.  Like panning for gold in stream beds, Internet users are looking for information to consume, digest, and share.  But they’re not sifting in a content stream.  Au contraire; they’re sifting in a content ocean.  And there’s gold in dem oceans.

The following illustration aptly captures the essence of alltop. Click for a larger image.

With alltop (similar services surely exist, but they don’t have guy kawasaki), humans can turn to humans to tackle this new world of information and connectivity.  Why should algorithms get paid for what humans are better at?  I’m willing to bet that you can learn so much more about sustainable living from a family living on a simple farm than from doing a few top algorithm-generated links.  What those links often fail to do is give you the depth of knowledge that an expert could.  There’s a lot of great human resources out there so lets build a world where they can support themselves doing what they do best.

Think big here people.  

If we bloggers can band together with alltop, perhaps we can better get our share of the pie.  But who will pay for our slice?  Those those knucklehead advertisers of course!  They just love to throw their money at traffic.  So, lets come together, in a comprehensive manner, to develop high quality content.  The Internet user is looking for a clean and simple way to get their knowledge on, and alltop can send them down the right paths.

I see a world where google and the newspaper are replaced by web curators.  Picture your average dwight and debbie, holding their smartphone or tablet in one hand, morning coffee or evening cocktail in the other, reading the latest from their alltop favorites.  Imagine a beautiful app or digital magazine, customized by readers, featuring all their favorite human content providers.  Like pulse, but for the people and by the people.

It’s what the hypemachine has the potential to help bloggers do to music consumption.  Through aggregation of quality content, alltop can put bloggers on the map.  After all, bloggers are the coolest and they’re changing the world, so why not enable them to fund their dreams and journeys?


Keep helping others find their golden nuggets.

Anyone at alltop:

Is there someway to persuasively ask the bloggers whose work you feature to spend 3-5 hours a week on your site, meeting their colleagues and digesting knowledge as curated by the blogosphere?  It’s a pledge I’m willing to take.  I think this will eventually build a stronger network with higher quality content.  Good content will be rewarded by traffic and eventually revenue, furthering the development of quality work.  Then there will be even more value to alltop, enough perhaps, to win the battle of the curated web.

Maybe- just maybe- this can help us build a world not yet in existence, one where more people can live by doing what they love full-time.

Please make the connection between imagining this world and building a world not yet in existence by considering alltop’s service and sharing this world with your readers and blogging colleagues.

SO, what do you think?


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