Nature has willed that Man shall produce wholly out of himself all that goes beyond the mechanical structure and arrangement of his animal existence, and that he shall participate in no other happiness or perfection but what he has procured for himself, apart from Instinct, by his own Reason – Immanuel Kant

Millennials have grown up alongside technology, evolving at the speed of broadband.  We’ve been stuck on a cusp, a perpetual verge of something better.  Life’s been one upgrade after another, a beta-version purgatory that knows no satisfaction. Disillusioned by who we thought we were, we fear never becoming what we thought we’d be.

We millennials grew up too young to understand, but too old to forget.  The world around us has grown quicker than ever before.  Sure the advent of trains, planes, and dial-up must have been amazing to see, but those took years, days and hours.  Today, we’re talking seconds.  Twitter revolts, Facebook addictions, and YouTube celebrities.


Yet unlike kids these days, we millennials recall a much simpler time in life. We remember when the Internet was primitive and named AOL, lasting only fifty hours.  We remember when the Internet did as it pleased—dropping a critical fatal error messages left and right—all without rhyme or reason.

It made us tough. It gave us character.   It gave us roots in a tumultuously digital age.  Take my iPhone away, and I’ll still be able to find my way back home. Find a number on the go? I know how to dial 411. Just don’t ask me where the nearest five-star eatery is located.

The passion to build a better world is within us, just look at the Occupy movement and SOPA resistance.  But our energy needs organization and cohesive direction.  We need to harness this passion and the power of our collective voice to create a world that makes more sense.  We need to keep corporate influence from tainting our identity.  We must remind ourselves what something is isn’t necessarily how it should be.

So here’s the take home all you greatest-generationers, baby-boomers, and Gen X-ers:  Parents, teachers, and society- thank you for the introduction, but I cannot, and will not, accept your reality.

Yeah, I’m a millennial—but I am much more than the sum of my apps.

And you know what?  We’re gonna go viral and change the world.  We have the tools, access, resources, and networks to finish what the love generation started.  Sure, all generations go through their angsty-world-changing-aspirations-phase, but we’re different.  We have the internet.  We can make the human existence a happier and more fulfilling one.

Please make the connection between the power of the millennials, and building a world not yet in existence.


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