thoughts on existence – part 1

The following was written by a great friend of mine.

If God Exists 

by E. M. Stinton

said one Muse to another “do you wonder whether God exists?”

head-scratched, she said back nothing to acknowledge it

they huddled with each other, cold atop a monolith

the safest place to wait for fate; the shoulder of apocalypse 

the silence broke, she sighed and spoke, “I won’t be drug to argument”

“what else is there to do?” he openly remarked ‘n grinned

“just entertain the thought a bit, it won’t be hard to follow this-

the loss of hope through cause and consequence if we don’t discover God exists.”


“they say that God is love, a thought to us that’s marked anomalous

since every other creature lacks the features love is polished in

love is different than the innocence we readily endow them with

–if animals have the Holy Soul, I’m curious to how it fits.

now let’s think about it, given the cowards in the populace

the liars, killers, hypocrites…if God exists He’s part of all of it.

plus our heinous accomplishments scarred within our hollow skin

have we just forgotten Him? or is this a product of His martyrdom?

did He create us on a whim? He said he had a plan for me

but if my purpose is to worship Him, that sounds a LOT like vanity

on top of this insanity, let’s talk this “infallible” catastrophe

if He’s perfect, why’s His creation nothing short of blasphemy?

it doesn’t add up rationally, with all our evil intentions

our need for repentance is a stain upon the sheen of His essence

and in return for their weaknesses, people are blessed with this brief independence

but I wonder…do you think that we’ll have free will in heaven?

if we won’t, then why is it considered a gift in this life?

and if heaven has free will then it must be full of sin, right?

it just doesn’t fit right, this notion of our freedom

or the concept of a God who’s just there because we need Him

now that we’re in this final season in the shadow of apocalypse

don’t save your breath, our fate is set, so tell me…

do you wonder if God exists?


she paused and let the silence settle to a solemn drip

until a subtle smirk suddenly crept across her lips 

“God’s existence is innocuous, so I won’t be cautious with it

you asked ‘if God exists,’ and my answer’s ‘God exists if.’

God exists if we love each other like we love our sons and daughters

God exists if we extend a hand to raise another from the water

God exists if we see beauty in the world’s imperfections

God exists if we can forgive without discerning a lesson

it’s not about how much sense theology makes, or our flaws and mistakes –

anyone that’s been in love has stared their God in the face.

you see our timing as irony while we humor apocalypse

but every smile that I muster up is proof that a God exists

if you’re looking for a truth that’s reflected or imbued in the message

it’s that we are the Gods we look for when we choose to accept it

but I won’t ignore your question, besides reality is something better

if God exists, we create Him…every time we come together


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