If you seek to live first and work second, do read on.  

I come bearing news from the future, and the future is a crowded place.  At times, this can be frustrating; longer lines, more traffic.  But there is a massive upside: the crowd is a largely untapped, massive resource.  The crowd I speak of has published an encyclopedia of the sum of all human knowledgerestaurant guide, and a restoration manual for your old Volkswagen.

Did you know that the “top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.”  

Q: So, how shall we tackle the issues we face with the tools we have?  

A: Simple, just turnaround and face the crowd.


For entrepreneurs with limitless dreams but limited resources, the crowd is your best friend. Need to know if the thing you invented can be patented?  Well, you can patent it if it’s sufficiently novel and distinguishable from things already invented.  A crowd of Intellectual Property experts can help you find out if your invention is not yet in existence.

The crowd can fund your creative worksdesign your company logo, and proofread old books digitized by computers.  It gets your roads fixed faster and is an avid philanthropist.

The crowd can get you aspiring writers that freelance income you’ve been fantasizing about:

Freelancer.com started out in Sweden in 2004 as GetAFreelancer.com, and is now owned by Sydney, Australia-based Ignition Networks. M Barrie, the CEO, claims the company is the largest outsourcing site in the world, receiving more global traffic than competitor elance. The site has 1.5 million users in 234 countries and the average job size is under $200 and it projects a US$50 million in project turnover in the next 12 months.  The site takes a 10 percent cut on work allocated.

Freelancer.com categorizes its users as either buyers and providers. Buyers are individuals or companies who wish to outsource their work. Once registered users are able to bid for projects, or post their own. To help buyers decide which user to buy, Freelancer allows providers to take exams and prove their skills.  Projects on Freelancer range from IT tasks, like programming and website design to posting on forums and to designing houses. The minimum bid for each project is $30, and Freelancer commonly say that on average most of the bids are less than $200. Source.

Amazon pays the crowd to do things that only a human brain can do. Check out this extensive list all of the various other things the crowds do, and this prominent one-stop-shop for everything crowd

And finally, yes, the crowd listens to music; discover music your friends and others enjoy. (The crowd recommended the following track.)

I believe, ladies and gentlemen, that the crowd has spoken.

What do you hear?


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