why everyone should ride the bus: an unlikely argument for public transit

Today I tried to hold my breath for over 30 minutes, and no, I wasn’t going through a 25 mile tunnel.  I was riding the bus.  Just kidding.  Well, not really.  The guy I sat next to smelled like a cigarette butt.  And to be perfectly clear- he didn’t smell like a cigarette, nor did he smell like he just smoked one.  He smelled like the actual butt of a cigarette.  With heavy BO undertones.  If you’re at all curious as to how this smells, go for a jog, pick a butt off the ground, rub it in your armpit, shove it into your nostril, and inhale deeply.

I’m sure by now I have you more than sold on the whole public transit thing.  Because the thing is, if you only focus on the odors and shady teenagers, you’ll miss the beauty of the forest through the trees.  Riding the bus can be a beautiful thing.  It’s a place with all kinds of people.  Short ones and tall ones, young ones and old ones, rich ones (these trees are rare!) and poor ones, and many in between.

Riding the bus is great for perspective and reflection.

Riding the bus is oddly relaxing.  You can read a book, or get lost in your thoughts.  You can listen to music, or converse with a stranger.  You can people watch, or simply stare out the window.  At the very least you can get a story to talk about (or blog about).  And at the very very least, you can burn less gas and save some cash.  One thing’s for sure though- you’ll never be asked to drive.  You see, when you get right down to it, what riding the bus really does is slow down the world and remind us that we are human.  With life the way it is today, I think we can all use a lot of both.

So take a little longer to get there, and surround yourself with some humans.

If you’re still not convinced, read these great lessons learned by a family who rides the bus.

What do you think, is the ride worth the fare?


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