There are two government-related websites that are surprisingly awesome.  One can satisfy your curiosity, and the other just may find you a little money.

Tax Property Search

If you’ve ever wondered who lived in that creepy house down the road, you need not wonder any longer.  All you need is a street adress and you can find out who your neighbors are- and how much there home is worth.  If you google your city or county name and “property tax search,” you should be able to find a website that let’s you put in an address and look up tax related information, like the size of the parcel or assessed value for the property.  Here’s the site for Honolulu: link.

Unclaimed Property Search

The second site is for looking up unclaimed property that you may be entitled to.

General Information
The State of Hawaii Unclaimed Property Law requires “holders” such as corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, and business associations to annually report and deliver abandoned property to the Unclaimed Property Program.

Owner Information

Unclaimed property is held in a custodial capacity by the State of Hawaii Unclaimed Property Program until the rightful owner or heir is reunited with the abandoned property.

Holder Information
Holders are businesses, organizations, and any other entities in possession of unclaimed property.  By law, unclaimed property must be reported and remitted to the State of Hawaii after a specified period of time.  The following information is provided to assist holders with reporting and remitting unclaimed property.

Google search your state or city and “unclaimed property.”  Then enter your name.  It’s prettttty simple.  There’s also a national non-profit that raises awareness of this service.  I just found two bucks for my brother and ten for dad.  You may have had some money left in an old bank account or been someone’s distant heir.  Check it out for yourself, you may just be owed some dough!!


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