“Excellence is the sum of 100 or 1,000 of these little details.” – Drew Houston, Founder of Dropbox.

Houston’s quote concluded thoughts on why the company had become a success. It was simple. They took complicated compatibility and other cloud-related issues that the average web-user couldn’t solve on his own, designed a software that solved the problems by itself, and presented the humanoid with the least amount of steps to accomplish his or her desired outcome.  Drag and Drop.

It’s a matter of reducing the levels of friction that result in abandonment of cause.

Simple options, simple steps, less buttons.  And that’s the key to starting a excellent company.  Keep it simple.  Get out of the customer’s way.  If your product is simpler to access, buy, use and share then you have the potential to dominate the market.  Do not be an encumbrance to yourself.

Text to Donate for Haiti worked so well to raise money because it was absolutely effortless to donate.  In fact, it was practically more work not to donate.  It was easy, so people gave.  The path of least persistence.

It’s about increasing our time and energy to do what we do. 

Simplicity is also the key to a life excellently lived.  It means identifying and eliminating the things that are not important- the clutter- to make room for what you truly value.  Deliberate action.  Clear communication.  It’s the perfect sentence, where words step aside in the name of meaning.  It’s the revised version.  The polished gem.  It is less is more. 

There is true beauty in the absence of all but the necessary; the ultimate state of being; simplicity.


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