in defense of nostalgia

** My favorite author muses on the importance of nostalgia. It’s a quick and insightful read.**

The Finite Life

People possess an extraordinary range of emotional content. Emotions define our humanity, motivate our behavior, and dictate our social successes. Although BM Wells and I have harped on the beauties of logic and reason, we’ve yet to comment on the other side of the human coin – emotions. That is, until now.

Our emotional capacities are so interwoven with our personalities, it’s difficult to arrive at a clear, concise understanding of them. What our range of feelings is and why we express that range the way we do are products of our genetics and environment, respectively. Nature vs. nurture, the scientific version of Godzilla vs. King Kong. Molecular biologist John Medina gave an apt analogy for this relationship, saying that we are given a specific number of options for who we are through our DNA, much like a buffet table has various foods to choose from. What we choose, and…

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