Airplane Epiphanies*

The plane landed, inciting scattered applause throughout the cabin, and it reminded me that life is wonderful.

Always has been. Always will be. Louis CK chided us for taking so much for granted.  Here we sit, comfortable and air-conditioned, flying a several-ton metal beast thousands of feet above the ground.  But he wasn’t entirely right.  Those clapping, they get it.  And their applause warmed my spirit.  Because when the wheels touch the ground, the epiphany occurs in us all.

We’ve landed the beast.  We’re all still alive.  And best of all, we’ve all gotten where we’re going.

Maybe it’s the altitude, but thoughts just seem to connect in mid air, and, when we land, it all comes together.  I always forget that flying is awesome, especially amongst the long lines and X-ray machines.  With lift off it’s just me, my music, and my thoughts.  Clearly a recipe for epiphanies.

Sadly, wonderful doesn’t mean perfect.

The pain sucks.  The suffering sucks.  But it’s this wonderful life that gives us the ability to make meaning.  We don’t need a reason for being here, just a purpose.  A purpose to define our existence.  Somethings just cannot be understood.  I can’t explain to the child why poverty, disease, or murder exists.

So rather than attempting to rationalize, I’ll say child, let’s find you a purpose.  It may not be easy, but it’ll make all the difference.  

I’m finding more and more that bettering the world may just be easier than trying to understand it.  I’m not saying let’s end world hunger tomorrow.  Just clap when the plane lands.


*Nothing novel, just my arrangement of words on the matter.


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