Older than 20? You’re the Internet’s Elder

Twenty years ago today, the Internet turned one week old.   She was 25 servers large at birth; the gestation period was well over 9 months.  She was young, idealistic, free and given to the Public to raise.

Two Questions:

1) How mature is the Internet?  

Is the Internet too commerce-centric?  Our main portal to enter the Internet, search engines, are increasingly benefitting commercial interests of old players.  We had a brand new space and we let commercial interest move in and make it business as usual.  In my opinion this makes the web immature but maturing.

There’s an undercurrent of resistance.  Its called collaboration and its a bit foreign to the capitalistic spirit of the most significant western economy.  The scale of the Internet and the huge tribe of humans connecting daily enables collaboration on the global and neighborhood stage.  This ability is historically unprecedented.  If we raise it right, a mature Internet can beautify our world.

2) How do we raise the Internet to reach her potential?

To reach its greatest potential, a being must find the most productive uses of its capacity and time.  Collaborating with other humans, instead of consuming shit, may be the most productive use of the Internet.  Perhaps this could flatten out wealth distribution.  And maximizing usage while minimizing waste of this planet’s human and non-human resources .

Here are some good parents of the Internet:








2 thoughts on “Older than 20? You’re the Internet’s Elder

  1. Wow, has it really been that long? I’ll never forget getting my first email in 1995. I had called my buddy on the phone screaming how this newfangled technology was able to send a message at the speed of light from all the way across the world. Gosh…20 years ago…

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