My Point Exactly; Walmart and Apple

Thank you Walmart (the retail-giant-who-must-not be named) and thank you Apple (products I love, practices I hate).  You repeatedly make my point.

Kudos to you, with corporate sales over 1 billion and a CEO paid over 20 million a year, for having the balls to oppose the “living wage.”  Talk about cahones.  Fighting the good fight, you refuse to move into a DC location because new law proposes you pay employees a whopping minimum wage of $12.50.  You have got to be f###ing kidding me.  That’s about $25k a year.  Smart though.  Pay your workers any more and they mightn’t be compelled to shop at your store.  Genius.

And Apple, as if foxconn wasn’t good enough, you’ve shown how deep your love for mankind is by bending us over with some good old fashion collusion.  Hell, why should we have affordable access to books anyway?  I mean, after all, you’ve got a bottom line to hit.  I type this from a MacBook, so clearly I am part of the problem.  But I hate writing on windows.  If there’s one thing big corporations have perfected over the past few decades, it’s grabbing us pigeons with pockets by the short and curlys.

I can easily say I will never step foot in a Walmart again.  As for Apple, it looks like I’ll have to be a hypocrite for now.  I see, however, a silver lining to all this corporate BS.  They are slowly weening me, and hopefully us, by souring the milk.


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