it takes a village

I often think about the early civilizations and the emergence of the community.  Once man started cultivating crops, he could cease his wandering ways.  Farming allowed groups of people to settle in one place and sustain themselves.  For ages we lived in tribes and villages…

Community is beautiful.

Raising children can be tough at times.  Getting by can be tough at times.  Existence, can be tough at times.  And that is why it takes a village.  If your neighbor needs a hand, he’s got you and vice versa.  Who needs government welfare when they have a community?  Who needs home security systems with a neighborhood watch?

Community is simple.

Get your tomatoes from your friend down the lane.  Get legal advice from the lady across the way.  Have your handy buddy help you build some cabinets.  Potlucks and picnics every weekend.  Dance party’s in the town square.  Harvest festivals and poker nights.  Walk slowly through life and in good company.

Community is powerful.

This may be smelling like a commune to you, but it’s not.  No one wears robes unless they really want to.  It’s more of an life bubble.  Explore, experiment, fail and succeed.  A place where people hone skills, and build things with their hands.  It is a place where people process information and create.  It is a place where people make meaning.

The community today has moved online.  Rather than farms, we have social networks.  These are incredible tools that we should embrace.  Imagine online and offline communities merging, to better society.  Imagine the connection, knowledge, transparency, and meaning that could result.  Imagine the potential of it all.

neighbors, as it should be.

Low-Hanging Fruit: Can an Edible Forest Take Root in Seattle? – Environment – GOOD.

Site rewards users who are following sustainable practices…can this model be repeated in other positive areas?

Community Supported Medicine: A Conversation with William Siff, Goldthread Herbal Apothecary – Numen News & Blog | Numen: The Healing Power of Plants.

get off the grid and start making.

Open Source Ecology – GVCS.

consume intelligently.

Facebook app helps friends share books, DVDs and video games | Springwise.

Share Some Sugar is a site that helps neighbors share rarely used items.

100-Mile Houses Expand the Locavore Movement From Food to Architecture – Design – GOOD.

learn anything, do anything.


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