This could be heaven, and we’re blowing it

There are two camps on death: It’s an end, or it’s a transition.  But here’s something all can agree on: We don’t know.   Maybe you hope, or maybe you believe, but you do not, and cannot, know.

So what?  Well, this could be heaven.  This could be it right here.  And if you ask me, we are blowing it.  We’ve got terrorists killing people at malls,  schools, and movie theaters.  We’ve got politicians taking a stand by standing around.  And, we’ve got people spending their existence just getting by.

I know this is a common gripe around here, but I keep thinking I can figure a way around it if I keep writing about it.  Probably not, but I’ll beat a dead horse anways.

Imagine a future human civilization where no one struggles to live.  Sustainable food and economical shelter have been figured out.  So what do people do with their time?  They do things that they love.  On pursuits of personal meaning, devoted full-time to causes and crafts and hobbies and skill-building.

There is one simple rule in this place, something that guides everyone’s work and tapers selfish desires.  The fundamental rule of living in this imaginary civilization is that today’s people exist for tomorrow’s world.

In this imaginary civilization, the primary goal of most men and women is to simplify the unnecessarily complicated.  They build the world they wish they already had.  They not only consume, but they produce as much or more.  This is something mankind has alway done.  We seem, however, to be quickly moving away from that core motivation.

This could be heaven.  Why should we be slaves to advertisers, creditors, and paper-shuffling individuals on Wall Street?


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