the volkswagen politic

As a former political science major, I know how to write papers.  I know a few things about political systems and personalities, but mostly, I know how to BS a fifteen-page assignment.  I can tell you, regardless of my useful degree, that politics today is a joke.

Let’s look at a fresh example: healthcare.

Whatever your position, consider this reasonable thought: there is much room for healthcare improvement, it’s a complex problem, and it won’t be solved overnight.  Obama and his party are giving it a go.  And you know what?  If they were seriously plotting to bring our country down, I think they’d choose more direct means.

Their attempt to make healthcare more affordable hasn’t been perfect thus far.  But life is fluid and presents the human collective with ever-evolving problems.  The only intelligent response, therefore, is to create constantly evolving solutions through trial and error.  Yet the conversation surrounding politics, perpetuated by politicians, is far from intelligent.

Has any accomplished individual ever sat down and mastered their craft in a year?  Certainly not.  So why do we expect instant results from those who try to inch humanity foreword?  Well, if you’re a member of the opposite political party, you’re gonna pound your fist on the table a say:

voters!  those other guys are ruining your country!  compromise is for the weak and people who aren’t voted in by the fringe who vote most reliably!  today’s failures are not tomorrows successes!  so we shall sink all attempts that aren’t our own!

Today’s failure’s are tomorrow’s successes.  It’s always been that way.  Look at successful entrepreneurs- most of them have failed before they succeeded.  Please, hold your counter productive efforts for now, listen to NPR, and demand reasonableness from those who claim to represent you.

Maybe the problem is the two-party system.  Or maybe it’s election cycles and perpetual campaigns.  It’s probably way too complex to say its one thing or the other.  But I can’t help but believe that there’s a simple way out.

Imagine a political party that didn’t campaign.

There are, after all, at least a hundred better ways to spend money than on advertisements.  Imagine a political party that didn’t even hold an office.  Who needs the overhead of office space anyways?  Imagine a collection of people who simply moved in a coordinated fashion.  Party members didn’t shout about less bureaucracy or lowering unemployment.  Nope.  They had better things to do with their time.

Because they saw the connection between riding the bus, reducing traffic, lowering costs of road maintenance, and their taxed paychecks, they went out and bought bus passes.

Because they saw the relationship between the things they purchased and the place their money ended up, they went out and spent a little more to buy a bench from their neighborhood craftsman.

And because they realized their time here was short and more significant than money, they designed businesses for the profit of their communities.

They saw the connection between the way they lived, and the world they could build.  Utopia?  I won’t go that far.  But certainly a simpler, less expensive, and more rational place.  They took small bites and chewed.  And eventually, they built a world without politics.


2 thoughts on “the volkswagen politic

  1. Hi Ben, I appreciate your concerns and analysis here. It has been nearly three years since you publish this post. What is your assessment on healthcare in general and Obama Care in particular?

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