Native Forests

Trees are elegantly simple, and, absent human intervention, net positives.

A tree turns light energy in chemical energy, earthly receptor for the power of the universe. A divine energy conversion, He, the tree, produces the oxygen necessary for our animal lives.

Water fuels the conversion. Minerals, transported through water, build the processor and scaffolding. Roots draw spiritual minerals from the soil using the natural law of densities– high always moves to low. Trees then exhale excess water in the same or better condition from beneath their leaves through green nostrils that inhale Carbon, the foundational element of organic matter.

The big picture processes and ingredients of trees are simple. Sun. Water. Soil. Leaf. Trunk. Root. But, at the granular level, photosynthesis is a concept not grasped simply. Behold! the sophisticated simplicity of hidden complexity.

Each tree branch supports itself and sends surplus chemical energy to the trunk and roots. Tiny fungi digest minerals from soil and rock and make them available for the roots to soak up. These systems function together in harmony, as does the larger native natural system.

A group of trees, among other plants, is a forest. The most balanced of these groupings are the native groupings, adapted to the local climate, exposure, and soil. The members of the native forest live together in balance, forging a comfortable home for themselves and other locals. Invasive species, opportunistic and selfish, disrupt the balance of this community.

Undoubtedly, we’re all immigrants at some point and native isn’t always easy to demarcate. A good local, however, embraces the regional exposures and joins the native symphony.


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